Acknowledgement & Jurat – Per Signature  $15
 Deposition  $15
 Certificate to a Deposition  $15
 Oath to Witness a Deposition  $15
 Oath (other)  $15
  First Set of Loan Documents $150
  Second Set of Loan Documents  $100
  Copying Per Page  $0.25
  Travel/Set-Up Fee (5 Miles & Under)  $25
  Travel/Set-Up Fee (6-10 Miles) $35
  Travel/Set-Up Fee (11-15 Miles) $40
  Travel/Set-up Fee (Over 15 Miles) $75
   Travel/Set-up Fee (O.C. JAILS) $350
We are upfront about the charges that you will incur for our services. We are “at” or ‘below” the pricing rules required by State of California Government Code. Miles quoted, above, are round-trip. Wait-time beyond 10 minutes is $1.00 per minute. There is no extra charge on Saturday and Sunday – but services are provided by appointment. You may be quoted for any late-hour or holiday travel fees if they APPLY.
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